Vice President


Athena Neophytou
HR Assistant Manager
C.A Papaellinas Emporiki Ltd (Alphamega Hypermarkets)

Key responsibilities:
- Replaces the President in case of his/her absence.
- Plans, coordinates and implements the activities of the Annual Conference e nsuring that it is successfully implanted and in accordance with the decisions of the Board.
- Manages all issues related to the premises of the Association.
- Performs project management tasks for key events/projects of the Association assigned by the President.
- Undertakes any other important tasks which are assigned by the President.

Athena Neophytou Xinari was born in Nicosia. She obtained her MSc in Human Resource Management & Business from Aston Business School in Birmingham. She is HR Assistant Manager at C.A Papaellinas Emporiki Ltd (Alphamega Hypermarkets) since 2007. Her daily challenge is the best possible service providing to her "clients", i.e. her colleagues, and her motto is that the other side of difficulty is opportunity. She has successfully completed a course (120 hours) of the co-funded project titled "Sound Labour Relations, Contemporary Enterprises" related to labor law issues. Athena is currently a Member of the CyHRMA Board of Directors having the position of Vice President.
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