Ethics Committee


  The Code aims to define the desired standards for Professional Practice and Ethics of the Members of the Association. The complete acceptance of the Code is obligatory for all Members.

The Ethics Committee was created to ensure that the members of the Association act in accordance with the principles of the Code of Professional Practice and Ethics.  The Committee investigates and decides in case there is a written and signed accusation for a specific infringement of the Code by a Member.

The Committee consists of three members of the Association appointed by the Board of Directors and its term of office lasts until the end of the term of Board of Directors. The composition of the Committee should guarantee the comprehensive review and evaluation of each case of reported infringement and warrant the Committee’s independent judgment from any bias and undue influence.

The members of the Committee are selected according to their interest to contribute to the full implementation of the Code as well as their experience / familiarity with ethical issues.

Members of the Ethics Committee for the period 2019 - 2021    

 Artemis Artemiou  
              Nelson Neocleous  
    Vicky Charalambous