Advertise with CyHRMA


Advertising is open to any companies/service providers who wish to promote products, services or information to members of the CyHRMA and the general public and should be related to HR field.  

All Advertising is subject to availability and must adhere to the principles and goals of the Association.  Any material considered inappropriate and not in adherence with the values of the Association may be refused.

The following advertising and promotion opportunities are available through the CyHRMA:

1. Email Distribution to the members of the Association
Through this service your promotional/marketing material is forwarded with a cover email to all our members.

     Type Standard Cost  
Cost for Corporate Members
     Initial distribution of email
     Reminder (up to 1 reminder)    

Note: The content of the email should be short (no more than 200 words) and may contain links or photos that refer to the advertiser's website. The use of a distinctive company logo is permitted. The email cannot contain attachments.

2. Journal “People and Work”
This is the flagship publication of the CyHRMA and is published biannually. It is published in digital format making it highly accessible to a large number of readers as well as in hard copy for the Members and partners of the Association.

This well known and highly respected publication can play an integral part in your marketing/promotional strategy as it is received by over 450 Members of the Association, HRM Professionals, Managerial Executive, Academics and Researchers in Cyprus and abroad, as well as leading figures that determine the future of enterprises in Cyprus.

   Standard Cost  
     A. Full Pages :
     Four High Profile pages [ 1. Inside Front Cover, 2. Inside Back Cover,     
     3. Page 3 (facing inside front cover) and 4. Page 4 (facing contents) and
     Standard inside pages]
     B. Half Pages
     C. ¼ Pages

Special Offers/Discount Packages:
Corporate Members: 30% on all of the above except high profile pages
Full Members: 20% on all of the above except high profile pages (irrespective of his/her association with the Organization. It might be the owner or employee)
Place 2 adverts and get the 3rd one of the lowest value free

*The logo of your company will be included in the email announcement once the magazine is published and circulated*

3. Website Advertising
Website Advertising will be limited to one per company/service provider at any period of time due to space restrictions.  A company can continuously place a banner or an advertisement for up to 2 months. After the deadline, a 2 weeks gap occurs for that company thus giving the opportunity to other companies/providers to place their own advertisement.

    Banner/ Advertisement – Home Page
 €80+VAT/per week
    Banner/ Advertisement– Other Pages
 €30+VAT/ per week
     Other on Consultation with the CyHRMA    

4. Job Vacancies Advertising

There is no insertion limit on Job Vacancies Advertising on the Website. A job vacancy banner is valid for 21 days from date of insertion or up to the deadline for applications, whichever comes first).

Cost for Members/Non-Members   
     Job Vacancy  - Page 

If an email distribution on a Job Vacancy is sent to the members, then the relevant advertisement is posted on our Social Media pages as well (Facebook and Linkedin Page).

5. Opportunities to promote services/products through the Annual Conference either as a Sponsor. More information is available few months before each Conference.

6. Universities Advertising MSc Human Resources

Ads related to MSc on Human Resources  from Educational Institutions and recognized by the Cyprus Counsil of Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KY.S.A.T.S.) may be distributed to Members of the Association free of charge.